What are the possibilities for businesses to send SMS?

6 March 2017

Reach your customers via SMS!

SMS is a well-developed medium that has been used for a wide range of applications over the past years.


Mobile SMSOur partner Media Markt uses Spryng’s SMS Gateway to inform customers when their purchase or repaired product is ready to be picked up in the store.
Multiple partners in healthcare such as OLVG hospital sends SMS messages to their patients to remind them of an appointment. Hospitals and dentists do this to reduce the high cost of no-shows. SMS is also used by banks to send the two-factor authentication for secure login to customer portals. In addition, multiple partners use SMS for marketing campaigns and SMS is also used to send system alerts.

As you can see SMS is a multipurpose medium and due to the wide range of applications every customer is able to achieve their necessities. At Spryng customers are therefore able to send SMS through the platform or via the SMS API. Each user has their own customer portal where they have access to their SMS history, amount of credits and other information. In addition, customers have the ability to send Bulk SMS via Spryng’s SMS platform or via the SMS API.

The platform is very suitable to send ad hoc information that may vary in volume and customer type per period. For marketing activities or for event agencies, sending an SMS via Spryng’s platform is very convenient and user-friendly.

Customers can integrate the Spryng SMS API to their own system. Customers sending via the API can send fully automated SMS from their own system. These kind of applications are ideal for scheduling and calendar systems.

The SMS Gateway by Spryng is very easy to use. The API allows you to integrate directly to your system and Spryng is available to give you the support needed. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Experience Spryng’s SMS Gateway with our free trial without any obligations!

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