Spryng, Preferred Supplier of SMS authentication of SonicWall and SafeNet

1 December 2012

Spryng, SMS provider for the business market, is the preferred supplier of SMS authentication through Mail2SMS, for the SSL VPN systems of vendors SonicWall and SafeNet.

The Mail2SMS application of Spryng provides, through its SMS Gateway, a secure authentication solution for logging on to networks and websites through a mobile phone. By replacing the physical token, such as a smart card, by a text message with a password mentioned herein, individuals can easily and safely identify themselves via SMS. Through the SMS authentication system of Spryng, costs can be reduced significantly, because physical tokens are past history now.

The Mail2SMS application of Spryng does not require any complicated procedures or implementation processes and can be set up and used within several minutes. Companies therefore do not have to invest in expensive hardware solutions. That is why many customers of the global suppliers of SSL VPN systems SonicWall and SafeNet, including dozens of municipalities, make use of the SMS authentication system of Spryng.

Since Spryng has physical platforms in the Netherlands, Belgium, France en Germany, the company is able to provide support and assistance to customers in different languages. It is also possible to send SMS messages worldwide through the SMS Gateway of Spryng. Because of this proposition, the SMS authentication system of Spryng holds global coverage, allowing employees of international companies to identify themselves through the Mail2SMS application of Spryng, from any workstation in the world.

For more information about this cooperation or the MAIL2SMS application, please contact Spryng at +44(0)203 868 1040 or go to


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