Spryng launches online payments via Spryng Payments

4 October 2016

Spryng, a supplier of SMS services with 900 networks in over 200 countries and more than 25,000 customers worldwide, will launch a new activity by the 1st of September 2016, namely Spryng Payments.

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Spryng has set up this new service from its current customers’ needs to process online payments against the most competitive and sharpest rates per transaction (no setup- and subscription costs are applied). On the other hand Spryng aims to deliver a revolutionary, powerful and easy to link payment system that includes comprehensive insights in data and customer behaviour. The system detects which transactions are not succeeded and why these are not succeeded. This allows the users of the new payment platform to directly make adjustments in order to increase their conversion.

In addition, the platform includes full automation with chargebacks and fraud tools for active fraud prevention, intelligent routing between multiple acquirers and one click payments for iDEAL, Sofort and credit card transactions. At the same time, the historical payment- and customer data are easy to implement in the payment platform. This means that data obtained from the past will not be lost.

With this new payment platform, Spryng immediately takes a distinctive position in the rapidly growing e-commerce market. The platform adapts to the merchant instead of the other way around.

Initially, Spryng Payments will function as a distributing Payment Service Provider (PSP). A distributing PSP facilitates payments by forging a technical link with the various partners realising the payments. Spryng Payments and its financial partners agreed upon the sharpest pricing. Therefore, Spryng Payments is able to offer the most competitive price rates on the market. As Spryng Payments already negotiated with banks and financial service providers, its customers do not have to do this. In addition, the major advantage of Spryng Payments is that customers have immediate access to their income because an immediate payout applies.

The payment options that Spryng Payments will offer from the launch are iDEAL, Bancontact, Visa, MasterCard, Klarna (post-pay), PayPal, Sepa Direct Debit and Sofort Banking.

If you wish to offer online payments with Spryng Payments, all you have to do is as follows.

You will first have to indicate which payment options you wish to use. Thereafter you will get a free demo of the advanced system and an explanation on how to link this system (directly via API or via a standard plug-in). Spryng Payments will take care of the entire process with respect to the settlement of online payments, so that you can start offering payment methods immediately. As a new customer, you can make use of the free trial option offered by Spryng Payments at all times.

Every business can use Spryng Payments, from start-ups to multinationals!

Later this year, Spryng Payments will start offering its services as a collecting Payment Service Provider in addition to being a distributing PSP.

For more information about Spryng Payments visit or call us at +44 (0)203 8681040

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