Spryng and SMS PASSCODE start a cooperation to optimise business security through SMS services!

1 September 2015

Amsterdam, August 3th 2015. SMS supplier Spryng starts a cooperation with SMS PASSCODE, a multi-factor authentication giant that improves business security and productivity.

SMS PASSCODE verifies users through their mobile devices. Users are verified based on the geolocation and login behaviour patterns. The authentication solution of SMS PASSCODE secures remote access systems like Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, and Juniper.

Spryng is the specialist in the field of delivering of SMS authentication. Thanks to its experience, Spryng knows that only a username and password are not enough to verify the users. According to SMS PASSCODE, 76% of all network intrusions are caused by weak or stolen user information. The two parties will join forces to improve business securities drastically, and to send unique codes per SMS in order to optimise the verification process.

When an employee needs access to a secure environment of a company, the employee can register his or her mobile phone number in order for a unique password to be send per SMS after the login credentials are entered. Hereby, it can be checked through SMS whether the user is actually authorised to enter the secured company environment. Beside this, SMS PASSCODE sends SMS messages with the help of the SMS Gateway when it is time to establish a new password. In this way, employees can change their password every once in a while through SMS.

Apart from the fact that the security of company networks and online flex workplaces significantly improves, SMS authentication realises a reduction of costs because of physical tokens like a smart card that kan be replaced by a One Time Password per SMS.

Beside this, Spryng offers direct connections to more than 200 countries with over 850 networks. This means that the SMS Gateway of Spryng sends messages with the highest quality on an international level.

For more information with regard to SMS authentication or about other SMS services, please contact +44 (0)203 868 1040 or go to

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