SMS Shortcodes

Receive SMS on a short and unique number

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Receive SMS

If you wish the receive of SMS, this is possible with a unique dedicated shortcode or through a keyword on a shared shortcode.

Your order with the number ATA201 has been sent and will be delivered tomorrow afternoon.


Why SMS Shortcode? 

You create the easiest possible interaction with your clients. Shortcodes can easily be integrated in your own software or system.


A SMS Shortcode is ideal for two-way-communication and is very easy to integrate. Through Spryng you can decide, what you want to do with your received SMS-messages. You can set up you own SMS-service.








The messages are sent by Spryng for example to an URL specified by you or to an e-mail-adress and/or are linked with your account, so that you are able to see everything in real-time. Furthermore you can set up an automatic reply per SMS.


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