SMS Gateway Service in the United Kingdom

19 April 2017

In the United Kingdom companies often use an SMS Gateway to send SMS messages. Wonder why an SMS Gateway is interesting and effective for many companies?



Using an SMS Gateway allows for numerous new possibilities in customer contact and increases your sales at low operational costs. You can notify and remind your customers about their appointment or inform them with the delivery time of a parcel that is to be delivered: SMS is more popular than ever!

It is simple and specifically quick and efficient and can be used for multiple purposes. Customer’s experience the SMS service is pleasant and in addition to optimising your business processes you can provide an excellent service.

Amongst the United Kingdom routes Spryng uses, Spryng routes to almost any operator worldwide. Over 900 networks in nearly 200 countries are connected Spryng. To send automated SMS messages you can use the API. The Spryng API allows you to easily integrate our SMS Gateway into your own systems. When using Spryng, we ensure you the quickest possible route with optimal reliability and continuity.

Are you interested in sending SMS with Spryng? Feel free to contact our SMS specialists. Spryng’s SMS Gateway is available for a free trial, no strings attached!

Contact us at +44 20386 81040 or send an email to
Our support team is available 24/7!

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