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23 January 2017

Those who believe SMS is out-dated and old fashioned are in fact mistaken. SMS is more popular than ever. SMS amongst consumers is indeed well on its way out, but for the business market, SMS is the solution to reaching consumers.


SMS kopie

SMS is a very suitable informative medium and by using a virtual number, you can even start a conversation with your customer. This allows you to build upon the relationship with your customer and it will also significantly improve the efficiency within your organisation.

Whilst using Spryng’s SMS Gateway, you will instantly experience the ease of their SMS service. You can integrate the SMS Gateway easily into your own system and directly send fully automated bulk SMS. Simply connect Spryng’s SMS Gateway via an API and you are ready to go!

SMS is widely deployable. Are you curious as to which applications could add value to your business? We have listed a few of them for you:

Spryng works closely with many healthcare institutions such as hospitals, dentists and pharmacists. These institutions remind patients of their appointment by using Spryng’s SMS Gateway. Aside from appointments, SMS is also used as a reminder for patients to take medication and for opening medicine lockers. In the latter example, patients receive a code by SMS to open the locker, which means customers are no longer dependent on opening hours.

Did you know that many companies use SMS for internal communication? For example, scheduling staff or flex employees. Staff can also securely log into customer portals by SMS. This special application is called two-factor authentication (2FA SMS).

SMS is used by many industries to send notifications, warn customers and to contact customers directly. Our partner PostNL notifies customers via SMS with information when a parcel is delivered to your home. In case of an emergency Smart Alarm’s customers will receive an SMS alert.

Could SMS be effective for your business?

Please feel free to contact the SMS expert. Test Spryng’s SMS Gateway by using our free trial, no strings attached! Contact us on+44 (0)203 8681040 or send an e-mail to 
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