Send SMS from your webshop

7 February 2017

Have you ever thought about informing your customers about the status of their order? Or perhaps you are already informing them?

Notifying customers about their purchase offers many advantages. Alongside the fact that this distinguishes you from your competitors, you also have the ability to provide an excellent service to your customers.


_anfq_7rxnc-chris-adamusCommunication with customers can take place in different ways. E-mail, telephone or SMS are all possibilities. But with which medium can you reach your target audience best?

The capacity of a telephone is high; customers’ calling to inquire about the status of their purchase is time-consuming and therefore least preferred. SMS and e-mail are most suitable for such purposes. SMS has shown to be most value and highly practical. SMS has a high attention value and with an opening ratio of more than 95% SMS leads the way when compared to e-mail (25%).

As a webshop, it is advisable to use SMS to update and notify customers. By using the SMS Gateway at Spryng you can easily link the SMS API. This doesn’t require complicated procedures. Once Spryng’s SMS Gateway is connected, you can send fully automated bulk SMS directly from your webshop.

The installation is one-off and once completed both you and your customers will experience the ease of using of the Spryng SMS Gateway. Once an order’s status is on shipped, an SMS message will be sent automatically from your webshop to the customer.

Would you like to automate processes within your business allowing more time for other activities? Or do you wish to operate and assist your customers optimally? Then sending SMS with Spryng is the answer!

Please feel free to contact us. In addition, you can always test Spryng’s SMS Gateway by using our free trial, no strings attached!

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