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Facilitating student associations by using SMS

17 January 2019

Spryng delivers SMS to the business industry and is therefore not the first thing that comes to a students mind, especially not student associations. However, Spryng knows that running a student association is just as complex as running a business. SMS with Spryng makes it easier for you as a student association to communicate with your (potential) members.

Recruiting members
Firstly, SMS can contribute to recruiting new members. Although students can register with some associations throughout the year, most associations have a registration timespan of one week; during the introduction week. This week is therefore fully dedicated to recruiting new members. The prospective students celebrate their introduction with a week filled with parties and are introduced to different associations. As there is so much going on, this makes the choice very difficult. This is exactly where Spryng can help you stand out from the rest! By sending out an SMS you can inform your potential members of the best gatherings and parties. On top of that, you can send potential members an SMS at the end of the introduction week, reminding them of how fun the week was and how fantastic the entire year can be if they join your association. The SMS can also directly contain information about where they can register. Repetition has proven to lead to memory, so the more you contact your potential member, the more likely your association will stay top of mind. This can ultimately be of effect when it comes to making a decision!

Promote and inform
When you have recruited new members, you will want to keep them interested and enthusiastic but also your existing members can constantly be informed about the latest news and events. As students are always busy and check their e-mails irregularly; important e-mails may be left unread. Mobile phones, on the other hand, are with students 24/7 and with an open rate of 98% and 90% within 3 minutes; SMS is one of the best ways to reach your members. The combination of e-mail and SMS makes your communication extremely effective.

In addition, as a student association you organise lots of parties and other activities. These can easily be promoted by SMS to your members. A reminder can be sent by SMS shortly before the event, to achieve a high attendance. To make it easier for you as a student association, you can use our platform. By simply uploading an Excel list with the numbers of your members, it is possible for everyone to receive the same message within a few seconds. You can also send personalised SMS messages. For example, when there are certain tasks that must be performed by specific members. By using the various columns in Excel, you can inform everyone individually about the exact activity, including the date and time it will take place.

Furthermore, the newest members of your association are most likely still looking for accommodation. You can help your members by sending notifications of available rooms and flats to members who are searching. Finally, you can also inform your members about interesting lectures or career fairs. This is all possible via SMS, which is generally read quicker and than e-mail.

SMS offers many possibilities! Does your student association want to optimise their processes? Guide your members or remind them to pay their monthly contribution? Don’t wait around and contact Spryng today via +44 (0) 203 868 1040 or We specialise in SMS services and have a professional team that you are happy to help.

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