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How SMS helps to provide a tight schedule

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Communication with your employees

The use of SMS is the perfect medium to communicate with your employees about ad hoc work, open slots in a schedule or vacancies. Flex agencies using SMS are able economise from 3 FTE to 1 FTE.

Dear Haley, on Thursday, May 12th at 10:00 pm there is an open shift. Would you be able to fill the slot?

Communication with your employees

The use of SMS is the perfect medium to communicate with your employees about ad hoc work, open slots in a schedule or vacancies. Flex agencies using SMS are able economise from 3 FTE to 1 FTE.

Hi Thomas, is our new vacancy as account manager in an advertising agency in London something for you?






3 to 1 fte


Higher open rate with SMS

Telephone contact with flex or part-time workers is a time consuming and costly and the open rate with e-mails is only 25%.

Two-way communication

Therefore, more and more agencies choose to use SMS services and Spryng for two-way communication with their flexworkers.

SMS applications for recruitment

Besides using SMS for scheduling staff, SMS is also often used for communicating ad hoc work and vacancies.

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Today 15:30
Hi Vanessa, is our new vacancy as account manager in an advertising agency in London something for you?

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icon-conversationStandard Connections We are linked with many recruitment and planning systems.

icon-conversationUse directly It is possible to send SMS directly from these recruitment and planning systems.

SMS scheduling for flex workers

SMS scheduling for flex workers

Many employment agencies and employers use SMS that is fully automated to schedule their staff. These flex workers and part-timers receive an SMS message via the SMS Gateway at Spryng with information about the time and date of the shift. Here they can reply by sending an SMS message, for example YES or NO so that the entire schedule is filled in automatically.

Hi Kane, there is just an open shift on Tuesday 2nd of February at 9:00 PM. Can you fill this gap? You can respond with: YES or NO. Regards.

SMS for online scheduling

SMS for online scheduling

A new trend to cut costs is to let staff schedule themselves in online. This way employees are invited weekly by SMS to fill in their availability in the online employee portal. They are also reminded by SMS for other matters, such as the amount of hours they have worked and planning holidays.

Dear Blake, you can login to the staff site until the 12th of March to communicate your availability for week 11.

SMS for communicating vacancies

SMS for communicating vacancies

Besides automatically scheduling staff, SMS is also ideal for communicating vacancies. Recruitment agencies send an SMS message to all those who have signed up when there is a new vacancy within a desired field. As 98% of all text messages are almost instantly opened and read, SMS is much more effective for communicating vacancies than the traditional medium of e-mail.

Hi Kenneth, are you interested in our new vacancy as Account Manager at an advertising agency in London?